Wed. Aug 17th, 2022
Why many women are more attracted to married men, the research said
In the world of love traps, it is not easy to understand when someone falls into that trap. But did you know that women are more attracted to married men? At least a recent survey has come up with such sensational information. According to researchers, about ninety percent of women prefer men who are already in a permanent relationship.

According to a theory published in the scientific journal Journal of Human Nature, it has been interpreted as "imitation of mate diagnosis". According to this theory, in many cases a woman imitates another woman. Usually young women find men who are married or in other relationships experienced and safe. According to researchers, women consider mental attraction more important than physical attraction. Find out the reasons why women are more attracted to married men.

1. When a man becomes the center of attraction for a woman, other women also find him attractive. Researchers say that the experience of another woman makes that man suitable for a relationship.

2. Most women find that men who are already in a relationship are more reliable in keeping their promises and commitments. Because women think that the man has already proved his reliability in a relationship. This tendency is especially prevalent among women who are separated.

3. In many cases, women are attracted to the experience and maturity of people who are already in a relationship. Most women find that married men are more capable than unmarried men in dealing with the consequences of a relationship. Researchers like that.

4. Men who are married or once involved are reluctant to get involved again and again. Which can give stability to the relationship. In many cases women are not interested in the agility of unmarried men.

5. For married men, getting involved in extramarital affairs is a big risk. When a married man becomes involved in adultery, it proves that he is ready to take a big risk for this second woman. This forbidden attraction attracts many women to married men.

But keep in mind that all these theories, in real life, the chemistry of a particular relationship depends on the people in the relationship.

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