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6 Sites to Make Money By Uploading Videos

There are a lot of popular video sharing platforms like YouTube which cannot survive without new video content every day. That’s why they need video creators like you.

You bring viewers/traffic to video platforms so that they can earn money from advertisers and share part of profit with you. There are a lot of such platforms.

YouTube have strict guidelines for video publishers while others are little easy to work with. We will also discuss important details like minimum payout, subscribers/views requirements, payment schedule and content policy for each platform. Try out these yourself, find out which works for you the best and share your experience with us through comments.

  1. YouTube

If you want to harness the full potential of YouTube to make money without creating your own videos, talking, or showing your face, this is the post for you!

According to Google, Creative Commons license gives “a standard way for content creators to grant someone else permission to use their work.”
So, in other words, if you find content that has this license, you can use parts (or all) of that video without the risk of a copyright strike.
Google Adsense has always been very strict on approving blogs and websites. Even after writing 100’s of article. you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in order to apply for Adsense.
How to Monetize all the Videos in one go?
If you have a lot of videos and want to monetize all at once then follow instructions below –
• Go to Creator Studio and Click on Video Manager
• Select all the videos on the first page, you will notice a notification “All 30 videos on this page are selected. Select all your videos” . Click on ‘Select all your videos’ and a drop down menu will be appeared.
• Select Monetization from drop down menu and Click on Submit finally.

• Traffic/Subscribers Requirements – 4000 Watch Hours, 1000 Subscribers and Linked Adsense Account
• Minimum Payout – $100
• Payout Options – Bank Transfer
• Payment Schedule – Net-30

  1. Vimeo
    Vimeo, the ad free video platform with more than 80 Billion creators can be considered as perfect place for professional video makers. It offers advanced tools for short movie makers, digital marketers, Film production houses and anyone to create portfolio of their work. There are 2 ways you can make money with your videos on Vimeo.
    Sell or rent your videos on demand – You can sell or rent your videos directly to your fans at your own price and in the region you want. After transaction fee, you get 90% of the revenue this way.
    Vimeo OTT(Launch a video streaming service) – Vimeo offers every tools like video player, intergrated CMS, indepth analytics, migration service, payment processing etc that is needed to launch your own video streaming service. Vimeo OTT allows you to turn your viewers into paying subscribers

• Eligibility Requirements – Vimeo Pro Account and Copyrights of Videos
• Minimum Payout – Amount accumulated during a month
• Payout Options – PayPal
• Payment Schedule – Net-30

3 Facebook
If you are wondering how to make money on Facebook, there are a lot of ways to do it. The good news for you is that Facebook has 2 billion+ monthly active users(as of June 2017). So You don’t have to worry about traffic like Blog owners. Also It would be great to make some extra money from Facebook which we usually use for none other than killing time. Before we start discussing how you
Facebook is about connecting with people and Our strategy is to get a lot lot of Facebook page likes/Facebook Group Members or Facebook Friends. More the people connected with you on Facebook, more is the money you can make. Follow these steps do this.
Make Friends, a Lot of Friends
First of all, make a Facebook Profile if you don’t have one. Upload a great cover photo representing your personality. Fill up about section and every other details a good Facebook profile should have. Now Start making friends. Chat. Post interesting content. Always reply to comments and messages. Keep adding friends until you have 5000 friends. 5000 is the limit. You can’t add anymore.
Create a Facebook Page and Get a lot of Likes
At the very first, think about a topic your page will be about. Topic/Niche of Facebook page is very important and a factor that influences your earning. So choose it carefully. Topics such as insurance, Mortgage, Health, Technology might seem uninteresting but you will have a lot of products to promote with very high commission in these categories. On the other hand, Entertainment, Pages about jokes, viral photos are interesting but might affect your earning. Once you have a great topic in your mind, Do the following .
Create a page with captivating name. Attractive and Unique name will be an advantage.
Upload a good profile picture matching your topic/niche and a great cover photo

You can take the advantage of the fact that Facebook receives 8+ billion average daily video views.
• Eligibility Requirements – A page with 10000 Followers and 30000 views*
• Minimum Payout – $100
• Payout Options – PayPal and Bank Transfer
• Payment Schedule – Net-30

  1. Twitch
    Owned by Amazon, Twitch can be a perfect platform for game lovers to turn gaming passion into profit. For those who don’t know what Twitch is, it’s a platform where gamers can stream while playing games. Twitch is popular among gamers but variety of content such as music, art, talk shows can also be streamed. You can decide how many ads should appear during 1 hour of your video streaming. Apart from Advertising revenue and affiliate revenue, you can get sponsored offers from game creators once you have sizable following on your channel.
    In order to qualify for their affiliate program, you must stream at least 500 minutes every month on 7 different days, 50 followers and 3+ concurrent viewers. When your fans cheers you with emoticon and gifs, you get 1 cent for every item.
    • Traffic Requirements – Not Specified
    • Minimum Payout – $100
    • Payout Options – PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer and Check
    • Payment Schedule – Net-15

  1. Envul : Envul allows publishers and creators to upload videos and enable monetization.

You can earn up to $3 for 1000 video views depending upon the location of your viewers. Stats are updated in real time.

minimum withdrawal threshold is only $20. Payment is processed on 3rd of each month via PayPal.

  1. Dailymotion
    European Video Sharing Platform Dailymotion has also a partner program like YouTube which allow anyone to monetize his videos. If you have a website you can embed your Dailymotion’s videos or their recommended videos widget on your website after website verification and make money for every view videos generate. Worst part is their payout schedule. They almost take 4 months to send your payment after you hit minimum payout threshold i.e. $100. Dailymotion shares 70% of the ad revenue with its creator.
    • Traffic Requirements – Not Specified
    • Minimum Payout – $100
    • Payout Options – PayPal and Bank Transfer
    • Payment Schedule – Net-120

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